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  • 02/10/2019 8:21 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)
    the latest IVS newsletter!
    February 10,2019 

    Greetings IVS members,

    We will be hosting our Annual IVS Annual Meeting and IVS Annual Awards meeting/potluck on Sunday, February 24th from 2-4 pm at the WTVP Studios, 101 State St., Peoria .

    POTLUCK - Please bring a dish to share.  Meats, plates, silverware, napkins and beverages will be provided.

    The IVS By-Laws require an Annual IVS business meeting providing for the election of IVS Board Members (By Members in good standing as of the meeting date) and conduct of other IVS business matters.  Nominations may be made from the floor.  IVS By Laws

    Please RSVP to Sue Miller, by Wednesday, February 20th, so we know quantities of meats and beverages to provide.

    All members are encouraged to attend.... hope to see you there!

    The IVS Annual Awards Ceremony includes the IVS Grand Prix Series Awards, and recognition to individuals for their contributions to IVS, the sport of running, and to the running community at large.

    Illinois Valley Striders Service Awards presented at the Annual Awards Ceremony:

    IVS Strider Award – awarded to IVS member for the combination of significant running performance(s) and significant contribution(s) to IVS in helping promote the Illinois Valley Striders.

    IVS Ambassador Award – Awarded to an individual or organization who promotes the mission of the Illinois Valley Striders regionally, nationally and/or internationally.

    IVS President’s Award – selected and awarded by current IVS President.

    IVS Community Service Award – awarded to an individual or organization whose contributions enhance both the running community and the Central Illinois community as a whole.

    IVS Race Director Award – awarded to an individual for contributions for directing one of Central Illinois great running events.

    IVS Outstanding Contribution Award – awarded to an individual who provides a significant contribution to IVS helping promote the mission of the Illinois Valley Striders.

  • 01/24/2019 10:24 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)

    Big Hill, Big Chill rescheduled to Feb. 9. Existing Registrations will be honored .. no need to re-register. On Line Registration Soon. Printable Information and Registration Form.

  • 01/18/2019 8:06 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)

    Big Hill. Big Chill --- Postponed until a February Saturday (due to the winter storm warning for snow & strong winds). We want everyone to stay in & be safe).
    We will update the event as soon as a date has been confirmed.
    Any questions please send me a Facebook message. Thank you for understanding.

  • 01/13/2019 5:24 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)



    Get Ready to Run !!!

    Opening day – Monday, May 6

    Unity Point Health Proctor Hospital Fitness Path

    Registration begins at 5:30 (ages 6 and up can register at 6:00 but will not be included in pre-run stretching)

    Pre-run stretching begins at 5:50

    Running begins at 6:00 – youngest runners run first.

    Fee is $2.00 weekly per runner or $5.00 for families of 3 or more.

    The IVS kids series returns this May offering area children a FUN,


    Our emphasis is on participation, complete with finish line, individual times, finishing ribbons and refreshments. (Cookies & juice provided by Unity Point Health Proctor) Everyone’s a winner just by finishing!

    The series is held weekly on Monday evening on the Unity Point Health Proctor Fitness Path. The series begins on Monday, May 7 through Monday, June 25. (No run on Memorial Monday, May 28)

    Runners 3 and under will run approx. 200 meters & receive a ribbon for participation & refreshments. Parents are welcome to accompany these smaller runners but, need to line up behind unassisted runners.

    Runners ages 4 & up may choose to run ¼ mi, ½ mi, or 1 mile and are free to run as many times as they want.

    We will have t-shirts on Monday, June 3 for the May participants – first come, first served. No size guarantee. Special awards for all on our final night!!

    All Kids ages 12 and under are eligible to participate. No minimum age requirement. Little ones welcome!

    Runners are grouped together by age to ensure safety and compatibility - starting with the youngest ages running first.

    Visit the Illinois Valley Striders Facebook pagefor current updates & changes as we get closer to our first night on Monday, May 6.

    Questions?  Contact Judy - or message me on Facebook

  • 01/06/2019 5:17 PM | Maurice Wantiez (Administrator)

    This week (01/09/2019) let's meet at the tower. The route to be announced that night depending on the weather

  • 01/02/2019 3:09 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)

    Potawatomi Trail Runs are now offering a Grand Prix Discount.  Pick your distance: 10, 30, 50, 100, 150, or 200 miles...Starting April 4.

    Kick Abuse 5k GP Discount has been Confirmed.  April 20.

    First Discounted GP race of 2019 is the FamilyCore 20th Annual Frosty 5K January 26.

    Confirmed 2019 Grand Prix Discounts total $35 as of 1/2/19.

  • 12/31/2018 10:13 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)

    Happy New Year,

    Registration for the 2019 IVS Grand Prix Series is available on line

    New registration is required for participation in 2019. 

    It's still 2018 and two race discount codes are already active (Frosty andInterplanetary) and three more confirmed to be announced later, and more as registrations become available. 

    2019 GP Rules and Registration are available at 

    The 2019 schedule is available ... current 2019 participants are listed.


    2018 Grand Prix season is complete... Over All and Age Group winners are listed, awards will be presented at the IVS Annual meeting in February.  

    Please make sure your IVS membership is current.  

    The Big Hill, Big Chill IVS Fun Run and Spring Party is January 19. 

    The Illinois Valley Striders proudly bring back this fun run for 2019.  During the height of the chilly season, bring on the big hill! Bring your family, friends, children, dogs, etc., and run, walk, stagger or crawl for this "one hill of a course!"  The course will begin and end at Kuchie's On the Water.  No awards, no chip timing, just us crazy runners getting together to have a good time. 

    Register Now for Big Hill, Big Chill. 

    Spring training groups start soon - now is the time to pick your training and register.

    no more excuses - beginner's 5k program

    5k & 10k training program

    half & full marathon training program


  • 12/19/2018 6:32 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)

    2019 IVS Grand Prix Schedule

    2019 IVS Grand Prix Sign Up coming Soon.   Check back here or on IVS' Facebook page

  • 12/03/2018 4:29 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)

    Proposed IVS Grand Prix Series rule changes for 2019

    Please Read, evaluate and comment.

    Abstract of changes:

    A $5.00 Grand Prix Participation Fee is proposed for 2019 

    Participation points may be awarded for non-Grand Prix Series events (including road and trail races, marathons, triathlons, and duathlons)

    Participation points will be awarded for volunteering at both IVS and non-IVS events.

    20 Volunteer points will be required to receive a year end Grand Prix Series award.

    New Rules will be effective as of 1/1/2019 when the 2019 IVS Grand Prix Series Event registration becomes active.

    Draft of Proposed Rules for 2019 IVS Grand Prix Series (Rev 12/3)

    The Grand Prix Series is a race circuit for IVS members that rewards participation and volunteerism  in events throughout the year and offers race discounts for certain  IVS Grand Prix Series races.  


    IVS Grand Prix registration cost is $5.00.  All IVS members are eligible to participate in the Grand Prix Series by registering online or by registering with the Grand Prix coordinator.

    Race discounts are available to any registered Grand Prix Series participant - no volunteer work is required.   

    Participation in three IVS Grand Prix Series Races and accumulation of 20 Volunteer points is required to qualify for an annual Grand Prix Series award.

    IVS Grand Prix Points are distributed across age groups and gender; age group is determined by participant’s age as of December 31st.  Race and Volunteer points will be summed for annual awards (Race and Volunteer points count equally for awards purposes)..  Awards will be presented at the annual IVS meeting & awards ceremony (held in February) and are given based on the number of race and volunteer participation points accumulated.

    Grand Prix Series Race Points are awarded on a basis of 27 Participation points plus 1 point per mile of Grand Prix Series race length.  

    Registrations for the Grand Prix are accepted anytime during the year. Points will be awarded for IVS Grand Prix races retroactively. However, if you register after a given race, only the maximum number of available points for your age group will be awarded. (e.g. If two other runners in your age group were already Grand Prix participants for a 5k run, you would receive only 28 points even if you placed higher than they did.)  Volunteer points will NOT be awarded retroactive to Grand Prix Registration.

    NON IVS GRAND PRIX RACES (race must include racing/walking on foot):  Any race that lists race results available to the public on the internet can be reported to accrue points.  To be counted, the race participation must be reported by the participant to the Grand Prix Coordinator, providing the race results web link to receive credit.  If the results can not be verified, the race will not be counted. Points will be awarded at 50% of the standard Grand Prix point schedule for event distance in accordance with standard Grand Prix rules.

    IVS Grand Prix Series Race points may be earned by completing any of the following:

    • -Official IVS Grand Prix Series races

    • -Run any verifiable non IVS Grand Prix Series race and earn 50% standard IVS Grand Prix Series distance points

    • --Run any verifiable race relay leg and earn 50% standard IVS Grand Prix Series distance points for that leg distance.

    • -Participate on a duathlon/triathlon team and earn 50%/33% standard IVS Grand Prix Series distance points for the overall race length

    • -Complete any verifiable race duathlon/triathlon as an individual 50% standard IVS Grand Prix Series distance points for the overall race length

    IF TWO OR MORE RACES/ DISTANCES AT SAME EVENT (e.g., Lake Run): All races at the event will be scored, based upon maximum points for distance (see above). To be scored for more than one race, the races must have different official start times andnot overlap. You must start each race at the official start time.  Grand Prix Race Points can be earned for more than one race in one day.

    Participants are responsible for notifying the Grand Prix coordinator for volunteering and/or races completed.  IVS will make reasonable effort to correctly score participation in IVS Grand Prix Series events, but the ultimate responsibility accuracy and completeness of IVS Grand Prix Series, Volunteer, and race credits lies with each individual competitor.  Notification of verifiable (with Reference to supporting witness or RD, event director, etc) volunteer work may be made by email, text message, voicemail, or Facebook (post or message).


    Required minimum Volunteer Points for Annual Awards: 20 (reduced from 30)

    Volunteer Points Rules:

    One Volunteer Points Event per Day.  

    Volunteer points and Race points may be awarded for the same event, on the same day, with GP coordinator prior approval.

    All Volunteer Point Events must be race, training, or IVS related, oriented, timely (to the event), and available to the general Grand Prix Participant population.

    Examples of events Qualifying for Volunteer Points:

    • Registration/Packet Pick Up

    • Course Worker

    • Water Stop Worker

    • Cheer Zone

    • Finish Line

    • Post race Celebration

    • Race set up/tear down

    • Possibly others by GP Committee  prior approval

    Volunteer Points Awarded:

    IVS Sponsored Event- 10 Pts

    Other Event- 5 Pts

Have a question for IVS?  Please contact us!


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