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Stay At Home Steamboat Start

03/25/2020 12:34 PM | Roland Savoie (Administrator)

Stay At Home Steamboat Start


IVS Members and Friends,

We are in an uncertain time.  It is important that we maintain social distance and self-quarantines to protect ourselves and our families.  Many of us are working at home or furloughed, which adds to our worries.  Illinois Valley Striders may not be at the top of your mind right now - but remember that this time will pass.  While it is here - you have a choice to either give up on your goals or to redouble your efforts.  You can come out of this stronger and better prepared than ever before and Illinois Valley Striders wants to help you work toward that goal.

Set a small goal and then crush it.  Set a bigger goal and crush that. 

Shelter-in-place allows for essential activities – keeping fit is essential.  Trails are still open, but if you can’t leave your house – be that person who runs a marathon on their patio, and share it with the IVS community!

When the shelter-in-place order is lifted - races will begin again.  Every week IVS will send out a Wednesday training plan that focuses on getting people moving and able to finish the 4 Mile Steamboat course.  Share this plan with your friends and family – and share your challenges and triumphs on the IVS Facebook page.

Have a question for IVS?  Please contact us!

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