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IVS Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

04/11/2020 11:14 AM | Roland Savoie (Administrator)

While we are all self-quarantining – we can still have fun!  When you are out on your training runs – snap a selfie according to the below list.  Once you have gotten as many as you can – post as an album on the IVS Facebook page with the hashtag #IVSHunt

You can post your pics at any time but the contest will close at midnight on May 16th.  

The person with the most selfies with the correct items/directions will win!  What will you win?  That is still to be determined – but it will be FABULOUS!


1.   OBEY THE LAW at All Times.
2.   Do not enter private property. If you need to ask a neighbor for an item or permission to take picture, do so.  If/when talking or interacting with strangers, business owners, or community workers, all participants must be polite and respectful.
3.   Play fair. Remember it’s all in good fun and there is no need to ruin someone’s good time.
4.   Do not take a photo of two items together. They must be in separate pictures.
5.   Each photo counts for one point.  Multiple pictures of the same item does not count.  Multiple pictures of the same directive do not count.
6.   Pictures need to be numbered with the corresponding item/directive.
7.   All pictures must be taken while doing your run/training.
8.   Pictures without the above criteria will be disqualified.
9.   The decision of the Judge is final.

Scavenger Hunt Items:

1.   Selfie in front of a local restaurant
2.   Selfie in front of the Heights Tower
3.   Selfie in front of some water (anything bigger than a puddle)
4.   Selfie on a trail in the woods
5.   Selfie by/in front of a Blue Camaro
6.   Selfie by/in front of any vintage car
7.   Selfie on a track
8.   Selfie by/in front of a famous runner statue
9.   Selfie by/in front of George Washington
10.Selfie by/in front of a planet
11.Selfie by/in front of a boat
12.Selfie by/in front of a basketball hoop
13.Selfie in front of/with an angel
14.Selfie by/in front of something purple, other than clothing
15.Selfie by/in front of your favorite park
16.Selfie by/in front of a caboose
17.Selfie by/in front of a lion (extra point if you can get your head in its mouth!)
18.Selfie by/in front of a Redwood (living or dead)
19.Selfie by/in front of a library
20.Picture of yourself jumping in mid-air in front of any monument
21.Selfie of yourself doing a Rocky Balboa impression on the top of a flight of stairs
22.Selfie of your reflection in something other than a mirror
23.Selfie with a living animal
24.Selfie by/in front of a fake pig
25.Selfie on a bridge
26.Any goofy picture
27.Selfie doing your favorite after-run stretch
28.Selfie in front/by a giant
29.Selfie going up a hill
30.Selfie with your favorite running gear
31.Selfie making a funny face while running
32.Selfie taken while running at night
33.Selfie while maintaining social distance from a running friend
34.Selfie with a rainbow
35.Picture of you taken from a window
36.Selfie by/in front of a mausoleum
37.Selfie by/in front of a tennis court
38.Selfie with the IVS logo
39. Selfie with your timing watch showing final mileage for your run
40.Selfie on Wicked Wanda

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