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IVS Grand Prix News and Update

04/24/2019 10:18 PM | Bill Holmes (Administrator)

IVS Grand Prix News and Update

The new Rules offering points for non-IVS Grab Prix events and Volunteering have, in general, been well received.

Several race participations have been reported, along with images or urls ( website links) of confirming results.

Volunteering is much harder for the GP Staff to track, as the Volunteers must notify us of the volunteer activities each time an activity is performed, as the GP Staff has no access to any records of volunteer serviced performed.  

Steamboat Start and Kid's Series Volunteers: Please notify the GP Staff each day of Volunteer Service - The GP Staff cannot assume each volunteer will be present every day of the event - things, like illness, work, vacations, and other personal business, happen, and some people miss some of the days, while others volunteer only for a day or two.

Some people tell a GP Staff member of an event verbally ... sometimes these communications are forgotten or remembered incorrectly.  Notification in writing helps records to be kept correctly, and is a reference if/when the inevitable happens.

Grand Prix Participants are responsible for checking the Grand Prix Spreadsheet to ensure that their  Race and Volunteer points have been correctly entered.  the GP Staff makes every effort to enter the points correctly, but mistakes and omissions happen - when mistakes or omissions happen, the Staff is eager to correct them, but must be notified.... preferably by text message, email, or FB PM.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.   Together we can make this year's Grand Prix Series the BEST EVER.

If anyone has questions, comments, or suggestions, please do share them with us.

GP Staff:

Scott Sokolowski

Roland Savoie

Bill Holmes

Have a question for IVS?  Please contact us!

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