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The Grand Prix Series is a race circuit for IVS members that awards participation in specific races throughout the year and offers race discounts for certain races.   Registration and participation are free for IVS members.  Race discounts are available to any registered Grand prix Series participant - no volunteer work is required.   Participation in three IVS Grand Prix Series Races and one IVS Volunteer Opportunity (cheer zone, water stop, race support, finish line, etc.) is required to qualify for an annual award.

Points are distributed across age groups and gender; age group is determined by participant’s age as of December 31st.  Awards will be presented at the annual IVS meeting & awards ceremony (held in February) and are given based on the number of points accumulated.

Participants are responsible for notifying the Grand Prix coordinator for finish lines and/or races worked.  Notification of verifiable finish line and race volunteer work may be made by email, text message, voicemail, or Facebook (post or message).

All IVS members are eligible to participate in the Grand Prix Series by registering online or by notifying the coordinator.

Points are awarded on a basis of 27 Participation points plus 1 point per mile of race length.  Fun runs do not count for points.

Registrations for the Grand Prix are accepted anytime during the year. Points will be awarded for IVS Grand Prix races retroactively. However, if you enter after a given race, only the maximum number of available points for your age group will be awarded. (e.g. If two other runners in your age group were already Grand Prix participants for a 5k run, you would receive only 28 points even if you ran faster than they did.)

Questions?  Contact the Grand Prix coordinator, Bill Holmes: email: - phone (text preferred, or call):  309-839-6191 - Facebook (post or message).


2017 Standings (View All Results)
   Name  Points  Races
 1  Bill Holmes  874  28
 2  Roland Savoie  843  26
 3  Scott Sokolowski  670  22
 4  Tina Bajic  557  17
 5  Kelly Stark  542  16
2016 Standings (View All Results)
   Name  Points  Races
 1  Scott Sokolowski  976  32
 2  Tina Bajic  684  22
 3  Bill Holmes  669  23
 4  Sandy Theobald  605  20
 5  Diane Legaspi  577  19
2015 Standings (View All Results)
   Name  Points  Races
 1  Bill Holmes  737  24
 2  Ben Brewer  553  18
 3  Jerry Kolb  530  17
 4  Sandy Theobald  520  17
 5  Kelly Stark  474  15

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